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My Own Worst Fan

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The community is closed for now, sorry!

About My Own Worst Fan
Hello everyone! *waves* This is a community just for fun. We (angy3101 and swacy) are two fangirls who are obsessed with many tv shows, movies and celebrities and love to work with Photoshop. That's why we came up with the idea to create a fangirl community, where we'll post bastls, pics, picspams and whatever our hearts love to show.

You were wondering about the name of this community? You think we're very selfish and smugly fangirls? Well, let me explain it: My Own Worst Fan is just an imitation of Christian Slater's canceled series My Own Worst Enemy. Only the last word is changed into fan. So you can see? We are creative, open-hearted, kind, funny and always glad to get to know new friends. ♥ Please don't be shy and join this upcoming community. You won't regret anything.

What does bastl mean?

First you should know where the term bastl comes from! That's the contraction of the English word battle and German word basteln (= (to) create, (to) design). Bastl is a neologism which means pretty much the same like battle. We just don't battle against but bastl with each other.

A bastl is a creative collaboration between two or more people who design digital artworks for a specified subject. As an example: Two people love to design artworks with Photoshop and decide to battle together. They will choose a topic which both like, for example Grey's Anatomy. Both will define the bastl rules (like: What kind of artworks? Icons? Wallpaper? Banner? And what kind of bastl? Wish bastl? Mural bastl? How long should the bastl require? 10 steps? 20 steps? Two weeks? 1 year? Or endless?) and then they will start and post their results.


♥ This community is just for fun; for giggly, obesessed and crazy girly-fangirls
♥ Only select members can post, which are for now the admins
♥ Comments are allowed and very appreciated ♥
♥ Please credit mowf if you're using anything
♥ Don't claim as your own and don't hotlink
♥ Have fun

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